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comic updated November 26, 2008

Stuffing instead of potatoes. What twisted mind first put forth that horrible choice? It's the same as asking, "Do you want us to shoot your wife, or your child?" Give me stuffing AND potatoes. There's no rule against it.

I don't believe my family has ever prepared stuffing INSIDE a bird. I know I haven't. I can only foresee that ending up as a much soggier, gummier alternative to the decent, fluffable stuffing we know today. I do not want stuffing pudding, nor  do I want the various intestinal parasites the in-bird cooking process is likely to culture.

Why are we stuffing birds, anyway? We KILLED him; as far as I'm concerned, that makes our victory complete. I see no reason to further desecrate his corpse.

Unless we count gravy.

I'm pretty darned thankful, this year. Got a lot to be grateful about. I wont do an item-by-item, though, which YOU can be thankful about. It'd likely do us all well this year, when we're sitting around the table, heads bowed, eyes closed -- excepting the occasional glance over at our more-suspicious cousins who might well take advantage of an unguarded moment to chuck something at us -- recession or not, we've still got it pretty good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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