Comic Updated September 24, 2008

Remember, they're "classic," not "old." And the art is "charmingly rustic," not "bad."

And I'M "differently-handsome."

The Roadees require a tiny bit of explanation... although to no good end, I'm afraid. While there is a reason for their situation -- they're documentary filmmakers who are on a perpetual road trip owing to a large but specifically-conditioned grant -- there never was any stated reason why the crew consists of a man, a weasel, a duck and a warthog, or why all the animals could talk EXCEPT for the warthog, or why I bothered to purposely misspell "Roadies" in a manner that, to my eyes, at least, now immediately brings to mind the "Hardee's" burger chain.

The truth is, this is one series that could use a substantial amount of re-tooling, but there's potential here, I swear it. And, if you'll permit a moment of self-not-overly-critical-criticism, this in particular is a cute comic.

I don't know if I ever reveal the character names in the comic, but for those interested -- the human is Mark Rhodes, nickname "Moose," for some darned inexplicable reason.  It's been a while. The warthog is Warty, ANOTHER stroke of blisteringly-hot originality. The last two are Howard the Mallard, and Squeezy Weezle.

All right, enough of my introspection -- except, okay, the title of the comic, "Villains of the Corn," is ALSO arbitrary nonsense, but I guess you wont realize that till you get to the end. Wow, I should really lay off my own darned comic, I'm a jerk!

Go on, read it. Enjoy it! And remember, never-before-seen Captain Manly strip, new in the E-comic shop!

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