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comic updated November 21, 2008

Which is not to say that there's been a particularly dramatic change in the elements. It still incredibly cold, it's still turning to ice as it hits the pavement, it's just rain instead of snow. Just nature's little way of saying, 'Look up, children! I'm STILL trying to kill you!'

This'll be the final week of the current storyline, "True Crime Stories." With luck, there'll be something new on the far end to carry us through the holiday season. Without luck, the whole site will sputter and crash into oblivion.

As of a few days ago, my niece Annabelle is one year old! Hooray! She has mastered the art of pointing at things, which, all right, she's a baby, but it still makes you self-conscious. Most of the time when she points, we just do the E.T. fingertip-touching thing. She doesn't get it, of course -- she's too bourgeois to appreciate such low cultural references -- but at least it's a point put to some use, as opposed to her constant red herrings.

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