Comic Updated  July 09, 2008


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A NEW beginning, to be precise. Not that ratty old beginning everybody was wearing around last fall. Oh, sure, as you can see above, this IS technically a rerun of a five-year-old Otters' strip, so I can't claim this new beginning as a BRAND new beginning, but brand new beginnings take forever to get started, stumbling around for years in ugly larval stages and being applauded for the simplest of efforts -- consider pooping! -- whereas with THIS new beginning, this gently-used new beginning, we've hit the ground running, and baby, we aint gonna slow down.

Unless we do. But we shouldn't have to! And, when this strip runs its course with no delays -- and I certainly don't have any excuses, this go-around -- we've got a brand-new Hsu and Chan story coming up the way. It's an endless parade of cartoonery, this year at Spookingtons, and you better follow along, or else the people on the floats'll be chucking Jolly Ranchers right at your head. They aint called hard candy for nothin'.


Friday, June 27, 2008

And that's the end of "Scarred Straight!" Pretty grueling, wasn't it? Sorry about that.

Next update, you'll begin seeing some subtle design changes around these parts. Oh, it wont be anything huge -- a little alteration here, a little difference there... just enough to make you question your sanity. And when you're finally softened up enough to sign over your power of attorney, well, it's off to the labor farm with you. It'll be better for you, I promise. Less unwanted excitement. You'll make T-shirts, and warm, knitted caps for major garment distributors. 

You'll be functioning in society again.

The next new comic you'll see here is a touching tale of tragedy and hope -- Hsu and Chan star in "Sights for Sore Isotopes!"

But first ...


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big news coming! BIIIIIIG!


photo: Rachel Miller

copyright 2008 Spookingtons

Put on a shiny, sweaty trenchcoat; Daniel Hong bids us enter the Matrix with this snappy icon!

Crash-dieting works for Hsu and Chan, courtesy of Mike C.!

Sarah Miller brings us our favorite radioactive chipmunk as viewed in exotic Japan, where his image is used to market fish products to schoolchildren!

Max Huffman brings us a moody representation of the Tanakas' arch-nemesis, Satoshi Yamamoto!

Chris Matten presents a design of straightforward intensity! The overtly childlike charm of this icon submitted by the reader who identified herself as 7-year-old "Gail" is, shall we say, suspicious. But entries are a bit thin, yet, so... This spectacular -- and downright hard-boiled -- VM icon was submitted by Roberto Caballero. The reader known only as Osakaism presents us with the VERY iconic Gila Mobster!