Comic Updated September 03, 2008

I realize that the image above doesn't really qualify as a full day's worth of comic strip, and I apologize. I promise that the rest of the comic is a bit more valuable a time investment, so, you know, come back friday.

To be honest, I'm not even that happy with just running one strip a day; it's just what I can afford to show, production-schedule-wise. Had I my druthers -- which are exceedingly expensive in these harsh economic times -- I'd run the new strips like "The Survivors," half-page at a whack. Oh, well, maybe in time.

At the least, we'll have a better running pace than soap-opera daily strips like "Mary Worth, " where you've got two panels, and one of those is devoted to a recap of yesterday's strip, because, I don't know, I'm assuming that most of its readership are octagenarians who have already forgotten anything that happened in their lives more than a half-hour previous. At their worst, these strips approach a kind of surreal, decades-long animation process. On monday, the strip ends with the phone ringing. On tuesday, they show the phone ringing again in case you forgot, and the strip ends with a hand picking up the receiver. On wednesday you get the "Hello," and thursday, friday and saturday carry you through to the "Sorry, I must have gotten the wrong number."

Sunday, of course, is the weekly recap. It's no wonder these strips are still running -- the editors figure, after fifty years, they have to be approaching SOME kind of plot point.

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