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comic updated October 31, 2008

With the conclusion of The Roadees, we are proud to bring you another exciting, classic cartoon from The Year 2000(ish) while we prepare our exciting, NEW offerings -- this is The Otters in "True Crime Stories!"

Note -- crime stories depicted may not actually be true.

And, well -- it's Halloween, everybody! Happy Halloween! If you're young enough, go trick you up some treats! If you're old enough, scare ten kinds of poop out of the youngsters. It's all in good fun!

I saw, some time ago, an advertisement for a DVD featuring a Sesame Street Halloween special. I believe it was called "Magical Halloween." Now, magical holidays, those SOUND good, right? A magical New Year's, that'd be just fine. A magical Christmas? Absolutely! Flying reindeer and fat men in chimneys! Unaccountably rich rains of presents!

But a magical Halloween -- do you REALLY want that? When you get right down to it, the events of "The Evil Dead" were magical. Magic isn't always nice -- magic's sometimes demons coming out of the walls and your eyeballs exploding. I'm not saying Elmo's necessarily toying with the Necronomicon in that particular special, but you don't wanna fool around with that stuff. Especially if your mental faculties are still taxed by recalling the full alphabet, in order.

Happy Halloween!

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