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comic updated November 19, 2008

So, it snowed yesterday! All yesterday. We're still on the border, temperature-wise, so the ground's kind of a mottled mess of dusted snow and cold permamud (semi-permamud, to be fair; it returns to normal around June), but as long as you kept your eyes above horizon-level, the effect was very nice.

I reiterate, of course, that I only find snow and cold weather charming until New Year's. After that, the welcome's run out. Just a note to any Frost Spirits that may be reading -- get it out of your system.

You don't get snow days in college, which is a bit of a travesty, if you ask me. Mind you, if we're talking colleges, adding one more travesty to the pile is akin to chucking a pebble at a landslide. Most of my classes have mandatory attendance policies, and while I think it's healthy that they have that sort of confidence and optimism about their importance in the grand scheme of things, well... most of them really aren't.

I'm looking at you, Business English.

In other news, it sounds like things are finally starting to move this year on the comic front, and there's announcements to be made! And when will I make them?

Later, that's when.

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