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comic updated November 17, 2008

Did we even HAVE Halloween, this year? I remember an aisle of masks and costumes, and then the stores putting up Christmas trees... Now the all-carol station is playing again, lights have started going up, turkey sales are climbing... I don't want to alarm anybody, but I think we might have hit a time warp.

Or maybe I'm just busy. Busy's good, under the right circumstances. Being bored, doing nothing, watching the hours creep by; almost anybody I know will say being busy's preferable, makes the day go faster. On the other hand, what's on the far end of all those days that we just can't seem to make go fast enough? The cold, inky embrace of death, that's what.

You gotta have a happy medium. Even if the hours are flying by, you gotta remember to reach out and catch one of the interesting ones for posterity.

And then, I don't know, sell it, maybe. Aint like they come with manuals.

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