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comic updated November 5, 2008

Hail to the upcoming chief! With the election of Obama, the United States enters into a bold new era of change. The implied qualifer, I believe, was good change, but nobody ever actually SAID, as such. We'll find out.

Mourning the choice, I'm sure, is the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live, who had been momentarily thrilled to find themselves briefly relevant, and must now sink back into unfunny anonymity.

A lot of people got on Colin Powell's case about his endorsement of Barack Obama. They pointed out, rightly, that Obama's policies were flimsy and generic, and counter to many of Powell's own, and charged that he only supported him because Obama is black.

I say, untrue. Powell did not support Obama only because he is black. Powell supported Obama because he was black, AND had a decent shot at the white house, and was, in his opinion, generally harmless. No, I don't believe his endorsement of Obama's policies were in any way sincere, but I've got a great deal of confidence in Powell's sense of responsibility to the nation, and when he said, "Vote Obama," I believe the message also carried an unspoken "He's safe enough, and at least he's not Jesse Jackson."

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