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comic updated November 3, 2008

There's no stopping the wheels of time, as evidenced by store employees now kicking over the remnants of their Halloween displays in order to make room for the '09 model Christmas trees.

'09, get it? That's how early they're putting 'em up, these days. Also, that's what qualifies as a joke, at this ungodly time of morning. That's all you're getting. You can stand there and look hurt, or you can pick up and get on with your day, don't make no never mind to me. When I was a kid, they didn't even MAKE jokes. They spanked you and laughed about it, that's all the humor we had.

If you're old enough and registered enough and U.S. citizen enough to do so, you'd best get out there and vote for our new overlord. As far as the leading candidates go, Spookingtons endorses... waffling around and seeing who wins, and whether he ends up doing any good or not, and then adjusting who we SAID we endorsed accordingly. Hasn't failed us yet.

Honestly, I'll be a bit surprised if Obama doesn't get the nod, this go-around. You can never be sure, though -- older conservatives generally aren't very vocal about elections, because they knew who they were going to vote for from the beginning, whereas liberals tend to be very vocal about their candidates, because they never expect them to actually win, and thus can avoid all responsibility in terms of ensuring candidate quality and, well, actually voting.

I was talking about this with my brother, yesterday, and we agreed that it would be nice, especially in this particular election, to include a confidence-ranking scale with each ballot. On a scale of 1 to 10, you mark down how strongly you feel about that particular choice. It wouldn't make any PRACTICAL difference, but I'd like the option to cast a feeble vote, every now and again.

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