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Comic Updated October 6, 2008

The changing of seasons continues on-schedule. Sunday, I assisted my parents in bringing home a pair of eighty-pound giant pumpkins that they had been growing on their farm. I believe they grew them mainly on a lark, although after a bit of figuring, my father pointed out that they'd paid five dollars for the packet of eight seeds, and since every pumpkin had about a thousand seeds, that made each pumpkin worth about U.S. $625.00 when stripped for parts.

Deer have been in prominence this past month -- probably not the smartest place they could have been, given that hunting season opens next month. Thus is the genetic stock of the herd gradually improved.

I'm working through the Universal Legacy Collection on Netflix (note to whoever has the Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein disc: Return it, already!), actually finding a few surprises in the bunch. I'd never seen any of the Universal Mummy series except for the original, with Karloff, and Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy... which may not be canon. Imagine my surprise that there's a whole durned franchise in there that's only very tangentally connected to the Karloff Mummy.

The rest of the Universal Mummy series tells the story of Kharis, a shuffling, not-overly-articulate egyptian mummy who comes to life each night with the absorption of the essence of nine tana leaves -- an ancient, now-extinct plant, of which there are only a few casks of in the entire world, which officially makes the Mummy the most expensive monster to keep running. Your werewolf, give him a full moon, he's happy. Vampires run on blood, and despite what the Red Cross keeps saying, there's plenty of it around; they're just not aggressive enough in their Collections department. But to get a Mummy on his feet for JUST ONE NIGHT, you've got to either plunder an undiscovered tomb or break into a musem.

Remember that when you complain about high gas prices.

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