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comic updated December 23, 2008

We take a break from, well, taking a break from "Biosnark," in order to bring you a very special Christmas presentation featuring Hsu and Chan, who are not only shimmering icons of the holiday season -- just take my word for it -- but are also the reason behind my first announcement, which will disappoint you utterly, AND my second announcement, which will pull you out of the pits of despair and buoy you high into the stratosphere of joy and wonders, possibly resulting in motion sickness.

So, the first announcement: we are reducing the number of comic updates per week here at Spookingtons from three to two. These will now fall on tuesday and thursday, as opposed to the former schedule of monday, wednesday and friday, presuming I got around to it. The reason for this shameful diminishment is...

Our second announcement: Hsu and Chan will now be appearing THREE TIMES WEEKLY at 1up.com in ALL-NEW adventures, in color! That means FIVE COMIC UPDATES WEEKLY! Including THREE THAT I TOTALLY HAVE TO PUT UP, OR ELSE THEY FIRE ME! And the first installment is already up! Go check it out, show some love.

Otherwise, I'm sure you've got your own exciting things to do this festive week, or whatever period of time  this is that the nearest holiday of your chosen faith falls in, wrapping festive gifts and dealing harshly with festive family members, so I'm out for the day -- but I'll be posting ALL DARNED WEEK, so come back often, and experience the magic!

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