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comic updated December 01, 2008

As I write this, today is December the first, which puts us just within the start of the Christmas season (technically, at least. On a commercial level, the Christmas season began around October 15th).

The Christmas season fosters more traditions, and varieties of traditions, than you can choke a donkey with. Every country has their own unique take on the holiday, from the nativity pageants of Spain to the Festival of St. Anthony's  Yuletide Donkey-Choking, which runs Dec. 8th through 12th in Uruguay.

In Jolly Olde England, due to a marked deficiency in Halloween-celebrating technology, the Christmas season has traditionally been a time for telling ghost stories. There are famous examples of this -- "A Christmas Carol," for instance, which has proven so popular throughout the decades that there are now 4,980 cinematic adaptations thereof, and so many stage versions that providing an accurate tally would only be possible using exponential notation.

This Christmas, we here at Spookingtons are bringing you a different sort of ghost story, a tale of a haunted city beneath the waves of the Atlantic, where the ghosts are still alive, but no less vengeful. The haunting, beautifully-decayed world of Bioshock...

...is not featured here, for legal reasons. Instead, please enjoy this goofy parody thereof. It's a full-length, all-new comic adventure, totally free, all this month! Enjoy!

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