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comic updated October 13, 2008

We've almost hit the halfway point on October. Not to bring you down, but have you accomplished anything? Might wanna get cracking.

I'm still not back to one hundred percent, yet, although I suppose it could be successfully argued that I'm not really one hundred percent even when fully fealthy. A B+ usually does it for my sense of well-being.

Being sick has led to my watching quite a lot of the Scifi Channel, currently running 31 days of horror movies in honor of the Halloween season. I admire the sentiment greatly, but let it be known that the depths to which they stoop -- to which they close their eyes, in fact, and walk off the side of a cliff --  in order to fill that airtime are very deep, indeed.

It's not as if the Scifi Channel is a stranger to bad movies. Not only do they play them; they make them, as well. For years, the words "A Scifi Channel Original Movie" have been analagous to consumer advisory labels explaining that the product inside has been known to cause impotence and death.

And so the Scifi channel has HUNDREDS of awful movies. And 31 days of airtime to fill. It costs MONEY to air movies that OTHER people made. You can see where this is heading. It's not like people can say they weren't warned -- they were told they'd be shown horror movies. Well, voila! Not just horror!


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