Comic Updated August 22, 2008

An important reminder: the brand-new Hsu and Chan MASTERPIECE, "Sights for Sore Isotopes," is available for instant download in the E-Comic Store! It costs less than a Snickers bar, and will actually result in significantly MORE snickering.*

So -- it doesn't feel particularly Fall-ish, right now. It ISN'T particularly Fall-ish right now. Yet, the universities just can't seem to contain their excitement at the prospect of subjecting new charges to stress disorders, and thus, the Fall semester begins with almost a full month of Summer still on the books, this coming monday.

For my part, I have readied my letter jacket, ukelele and jalopy. Step right up and call me Speedy! 23 skidoo!

Gonna have to cut this one a bit short -- my sister's in town for dinner, this evening, so there's a heck of a lot of cleaning to do. Petty deception, sure, but for a good cause. Catch you all monday!

*This refers only to snickers produced by the consumer as a direct result of product consumption. Candy bars are known to indirectly contribute to high levels of external snickering via their complicity in turning consumers into lard-buckets. And yet, they're so, so good.

Remember, brand-new Hsu and Chan in the E-Comic store!

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