Comic Updated August 25, 2008

A reasonably old school. First half of the twentieth century. And I'm heading to it, today -- that's right, first day o' school for Flash Norman, all-American. Incidentally, this semester I've scheduled a web design class, so... who knows, maybe this place will look better eventually (actually, I'm pretty happy with the design, now -- just need to get the rest of the site in line. Super-secret web elves, we'll likely be starting that soon!).

In comic news, "The Survivors" nears its roaring conclusion with a plot twist worthy of an old episode of "Star Trek!" It would probably have had greater narrative impact if I'd bothered to allude to the Great Bear God earlier in the comic, but that's what you get when you deal with me.

Spontaneity. Think of it like that.

In other comic news, the end of "The Survivors" means that we'll be seeing the start of a new comic, next week! You will, of course, need to stay tuned. And now, for those interested in keeping tabs, here's a rundown on (almost) everything comic-related I'm currently working on:

-A brand-new Captain Manly comic (for those who don't know the good Captain, he's pictured in the header of this page wearing a mug on his head, and one of his early adventures will be the very next comic made available exclusively in the E-Comic store)!

-"BIOSNARK," a parody of the very good, yet very open-to-parody video game, "Bioshock."

-An "Otters" special Halloween presentation.

-Hsu and Chan issue 9 -- the ultimate conclusion of "Tourists, Trapped!"

In addition, I'm working on a very secret comic project that you may or may not ever get the chance to hear about -- it'll be significant if you do!

And, my shiny, new editor Sam Kennedy is estimating that the new Hsu and Chan strips will begin running on 1up.com in late September! Something to look forward to!

Incidentally, it may be a good time to mention that, with the fairly enormous amount of work being created, I'm going to be on the lookout for some artistic types to act as art assistants -- shading and coloring and MAYBE some inks here and there. If you've got Photoshop, a pressure-sensitive tablet, and a desire to get your name in the credits while making incredibly miniscule amounts of cash, -- seriously, we're talking INTERN levels here, and THEY routinely get paid in donuts -- gimme a yell.

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