Comic Updated August 13, 2008

Hey, everybody! How y'all doing?

Y'all. Interesting note -- Y'all, though clearly a contraction of "you" and "all," is frequently used to indicate a singular. Accepted usage includes "Y'all come back now, y'hear?" when addressed to any person or persons exiting a hospitable southern homestead, or "Y'all done made a mistake now hyar, boy," when addressed to any person or persons entering a less-hospitable one.

And now you can speak Southern. Try it on local authority figures! For an interesting experiment, get stopped by a stereotypical small-town southern traffic cop, and start talking Southern back to HIM:


Southern Cop: Hnaw, Hnaw, theah, boy, did y'all know how fast y'all was a-speedin' back'n theah?

You: WAYELL, nhyah, ah reckon ah weren't goin' but less'n fahve mahles'n over'n hnyah.

Southern Cop: Fahve mahles'n hnyah?

You: Hnyah'n suh.

Southern Cop: Wall'n hy'all bette'n gi'on'hy'all wayah, boy, ah'm-a jis' give'n hy'all'n wahnin'n hnyah.

You: Much obliged.

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