Comic Updated August 11, 2008

I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty -- I did not expect Bernie Mac to pass away last week.

And that exhausts our list of certainties. Everything else from here out? Baseless conjecture.

The list of Achievements for "Fable 2" has been leaked, and more-or-less hush-hush wink-wink confirmed as genuine by the official  Fable 2 development blog, and it took all of my willpower to keep from looking 'em over... and when that was used up, almost immediately, I knuckled under and took a peek.

The problem with early-release achievement lists is that they're basically low-grade spoilers. The names of the endgame achievements alone usually let you know what you're in for. Like "KilledTheTraitorBrother" or "BlewUpHitlersHead."

I like Achievements all right, but they don't really inspire me to play harder or target specific goals -- mainly, they're a pleasant surprise when one pops up, and forgotten thereafter. Which is probably why I still have a gamerscore in the four digits.

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