Comic Updated August 15, 2008

The truth is that  at this point I can't honestly remember whether I was TRYING to make all those little eyes poking out of the bush look like a death's head, back when I made this comic several years ago. If I did, it's a bit overt -- if I didn't... well, it's STILL a bit overt.

Regardless, come monday, this plot's gonna heat up like a can of Mr. Pibb that rolled into the campfire! So, you know, you're OBLIGATED to come back, now.

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Last night, I hung out with my brother Jason -- something I haven't been able to do anywhere near as much as I'd like -- and it transpired on this occasion that we succumbed to the weight of tradition and ordered pizza and watched "Death Race 2000."

You may be aware that they're releasing a "Death Race" 'remake' starring Jason Statham and directed by bad-film-specialist Paul W. S. Anderson. Whether this one ends up good or bad, slightly-younger readers, please know that 'remake' is far too strong a word for what they're doing. In fact, as the new plot involves basically a version of "The Running Man" on wheels, coupled with Paul W. S. Anderson as writer-director, 're-imagining' is probably too strong a word, as well. Imagination has not been Mr. Anderson's strong suit.

The original is colorful, and  violent, and consciously ridiculous -- it was sort of like Hanna Barbara's "Wacky Races" with blood. David Carradine's in it, and he has a neat, ultra-seventies rubber suit -- with cape, which should give you some idea of the level of stark realism we're dealing in, here. Also, plenty of pretty girls -- I don't want to level accusations at the film industry, but SOMEBODY'S really dropped the ball when it comes to dame content, these days.

They really don't make movies like that any more. Produced by Roger Corman, a name you can trust!

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