Comic Updated September 01, 2008

The squirrel army disperses, the Savage Robinson returns to normal society, and we close out the first webcomic here that we've managed to update entirely on-schedule. And I DO wanna make this a habit.

If anybody's wondered at the species implied, Sid is, in fact, a tube sock. A living tube sock, wearing a hat. There's a super-secret origin story involved, but since I made most of these characters in the fourth grade, it's not very good, and you're never going to hear it.

WEDNESDAY we begin Hsu and Chan in... "Sights for Sore Isotopes!" Brand new, never seen before -- unless you got the awesome hi-res version in the E-Comic Store, in which case, there'll be OTHER new stuff arriving soon.

And as one thing ends, so does another begin -- the month of September! Autumn Lite, sorta. It's true that the mass of it is still summer, but ask any schoolkid what season dominates September, and they'll say, "Just five more minutes, mom, zzzzz..." For those of us in the latitudinal (probably not a word; consult your local leaders) top two-thirds of the country, there's already been a little leaf-yellowing at the fringes, and an astute observer may have noticed the light fragrance of a wood fire or two carried gently on the crisp night air. Unless you live in brush fire country, in which case the observation may niether be all that pleasant or particularly astute.

All of this is to say... Halloween's coming. Muah ha ha. New comic wednesday!

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