Comic Updated August 29, 2008

All right, technically just the end of THIS thing, the Otters in "The Survivors." This is the penultimate strip, and as such, I'd like to take a moment and note that this is the very FIRST long-format comic strip we've ever put up here at Spookingtons that has managed to stay entirely on-schedule. Ten points for us! Be sure to tune in Monday for the Earth-shattering finale... and then Tuesday for the start of "Sights for Sore Isotopes!"

It's also pretty darned close to September, and that means, I suppose, that we're coming up on the end of something ELSE significant -- my twenties. I turn thirty on September 12th. Basically, dang. If you're a younger sort, and wondering how it feels, think of it like turning twenty, but having accomplished less.

This semester at school, I signed up for a Film Appreciation course. I'm not going to lie, I was really just going for easy credit hours on this one. It only occurred to me as I was going over the class syllabus that there's a LOT of films I really don't appreciate that much, and for good reason. College professors tend to have a much higher tolerance for slow, pretentious motion pictures than your average citizen, specifically me.

Incidentally, are we still going to call them 'films' now that so many are moving to digital equipment?

Regardless, as an individual practically reared on Mystery Science Theater 3000, I foresee friction. Everybody, enjoy the weekend, and be sure to support our fine operations via the E-Comic Shop -- your kind patronage keeps Spookingtons updated regularly, you wonderful people, you.

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