Comic Updated September 22, 2008

And by new, I technically mean 'really old.' It's "The Assassination of Captain Manly," and the ONLY place you're gonna see it is in the E-comic Shop, because it's REALLY old and REALLY ugly. Pretty funny, though, if you're forgiving otherwise.

And today also brings us the exciting conclusion of "Sights for Sore Isotopes!" Woo! Which, incidentally, is ALSO available in the E-Comic shop, for those who wanna read the GOOD version. Constant squeezin' of the regulars, that's what keeps the fires burning here at Spookingtons! We appreciate your support.

In other news, my good friend Caroline turns TWENTY, today! Those quick with a figure will realize that means she she was born ten years and ten days after me -- way to stall, there, slowpoke!

All right, gotta get me to class. New comic begins wednesday, in the meanwhile, be sure to experience "The Assassination of Captain Manly" in the...

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