Comic Updated September 19, 2008

I spent last night at Jason and Lorie's, which was nice. Baby Annabelle was in attendance, and she's really getting the hang of crawling around, now -- which is a little disconcerting, when you've been used to, you know, six, seven months of general immobility; you get up to put away a glass, and look behind you to find she's followed you to the kitchen. Yikes! Ninja assassin baby!

Also -- need to mention this part -- Annabelle has taken to biting her mother. Play-biting, not hard, but in a VERY zombie-like fashion; she'll loll in her mother's arms, rise up, and LUNGE, right at momma's nose (seeing a baby biting her mother's nose is one of God's genuine hilarious moments), or her arm. And then when she gets the appropriate shriek of surprise, Annabelle will finally unclamp and laugh a good, hearty laugh. So young, yet such a solid grasp of the fundamentals of humor.

A good time was had -- probably a reminder to the comic-minded that it's wisest to get out, occasionally, and see some of what the rest of the world's doing firsthand.

Jason and I are deep in work on some amazing, hand-crafted merchandise that'll be appearing for sale on Spookingtons at some point in the coming months. He showed me one of the newest bits, and I was genuinely impressed at what he's been doing, so far. I think you will, too! But, more on that later.

It's Friday, and there's about a million things to do before classes start again on Monday, so I'm gonna cut it short. Big news to announce soon; the future's lookin' rosy.

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