You may have noticed something different when you came in, today. New hairstyle, you ask? Did I lose some weight? Oh, you blind, stinking flatterer, no, a thousand times no! There's been a redesign! New layout! New colors! New logo! New, bigger comic format!

That's about it.

As you can see, though, there are still some blank spaces to fill, and that's where YOU can help! Those of you with an artistic or else mildly plagiaristic bent are invited to create TINY WORKS OF SPOOKINGTONS-RELATED ARTwhich will be displayed ever-so-tastefully in the right sidebar. The only catch -- aside from actually having to take the time to DO them -- is that they have to be exactly 100 by 100 pixels, square, and under 20k in filesize. If you can cram Hsu, Chan, Violence Man, the Otters, or any of our other heroes into a tiny square, send them along with your name -- real or otherwise -- to spookingtons@gmail.com and we'll put 'em up for the world to subject to cruel, cruel scrutiny!


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