The excitement never ends here at Spookingtons -- it just stalls out in mid-air, taking a long nose-dive until, at the last possible second, we pull up and you get another comic strip. As today! Voila, the second senses-shattering installment of "Scarred Straight."

Because of my new school schedule, and me getting acclimated thereto, there's going to be a new update structure here for the webcomics for the time being -- the posting of comics will depend on the production status of the next page in line. That is to say, I will be posting a new webcomic here from the last finished page when I reach each of three milestones on the current page: One when I have the next page penciled (or the digital equivalent), one when I have the next page inked (ditto), and the last when I have the next page finished. This will provide a posting schedule that will be staggered, yes, but hopefully not quite so much as I can't get at least one strip up per week.

Okay, so, was that explanation convoluted enough for you? If not, go back and read it over and over until each individual word becomes unmoored from its symbolic meaning, leaving you repeating a contextless, borderless blend of rote phonetics. On to other business.

Norm's Homework!

Don't worry, this isn't homework I'm giving YOU -- although don't consider yourselves totally off the hook till the bell rings, you little vipers. My English Literature professor has assigned the class 200-word 'journal' entries on the subject of 'one positive relationship I've known.' Given my current myriad obligations, I'm naturally eager to kill as many birds as possible with my limited stone supply, so you're getting it, too! I now present to you my journal entry on... "One Good Relationship.":

It's possible I should have asked in class, but I'm under the impression that the 'one good relationship' need not be one that I, personally, have experienced. " Of course, if I'm staying strictly to the letter of the assignment, I could very well write about remoras and sharks, and nobody could say 'boo' to me about it. Let the professors remain on guard -- there are law students in their midst.

It would probably be a knee-jerk reaction -- albeit one that's circumstantially in decline, these days -- to write about one's parents as an example of the 'one good relationship' concept. Any relationship that weathers thirty-plus years more-or-less intact would seem to be fair game, though the Russian people and Stalin might have something to say about it. And, no, I'm not comparing my father to Stalin, save in the realm of mustache-management.

What's the definition of a good relationship? I've had several that were good in short bursts. Given the impermanence of man, it would almost be dickering to exclude a relationship based on duration alone. So soon do we grow old; my buddy 'Big J.' was there when I needed a sofa moved, and I can't help thinking that that half-hour was in itself a more positive experience than the cumulative affection, pain and heartbreak of past girlfriends. Look at the rewards -- my sofa's STILL moved, whereas I got bupkiss from the old flames.

Well, all right, I got a stuffed Bulbasaur doll and a table. Maybe I'm just splittin' hairs.

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