Our first entries are up in the sidebar, but the war rages on -- Spookingtons needs YOUR 100X100 pixel Spookingtons-related icons. Your wages? Minor, temporary fame!  Just make one (or two!) and send 'em to spookingtons@gmail.com!

Everybody have a good Halloween? I hope so, 'cause from this point on, the days don't stop zoomin' by until we're past New Years... at which point they overcompensate by slowing to a crawl and trying to freeze you out. That's how it works here in the misty Appalachians, anyway, where cold is the new warm because we're just that trendy!

I'm hard at work finishing up issue 8, so expect some news -- finally -- in just a wee. Enjoy the new art, mine AND yours, and keep 'em comin'!


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Chris Matten presents a design of straightforward intensity!


The overtly childlike charm of this icon submitted by the reader who identified herself as 7-year-old "Gail" is, shall we say, suspicious. But entries are a bit thin, yet, so...


This spectacular -- and downright hard-boiled -- VM icon was submitted by Roberto Caballero.