Comic Updated October 1, 2008

There's probably no better argument for living in a temperate climate than the month of October. You get color in the hills, weather fit for jackets, pleasant, smoky aromas out in the wood-burning areas and, to top it all off, Halloween.

All right, technically you get Halloween even in sub-tropical regions. But in temperate regions, it can actually be a pleasant experience wearing a large, elaborate costume, whereas if you were in, say, Florida, you'd get about ten feet out the door, die of heat stroke, and tourists would have their children pose for pictures with your becostumed corpse.

Fall's always run neck-and-neck with Spring for my favorite season, but if it were a level playing field -- because, let's face it, Spring has always had an unfair advantage in that it follows Winter, which is really only tolerable until New Year's -- Fall would have the distinct edge. Love of Fall is honest; love of Spring is  fifty percent an act of desperation.

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