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-Friday, July 18, 2008

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Did I say I was excited about the E3 publisher press conferences? Bad call, I'm sorry. They sucked! The Microsoft brings you Miis! Nintendo lets you turn your DS into a PDA that isn't designed to be a PDA, and is thus more-difficult to use! Sony... doesn't really bring you anything.

I can't help feeling that these conferences would have a lot more meat if they allowed heckling during the pressers.

Animal Crossing Wii -- or, Animal Crossing: City Folks -- HAS, in fact, been announced, and shown off to a small degree! And it... well, it looks like a high-res Animal Crossing: Wild World. New additions include voice chat and a tiny city hub where you can visit a few shops, most of them simply being versions of older shops and/or visitors from the previous games. There'll be new details emerging today, so I'll reserve judgement and merely say -- THERE HAD BETTER BE.  This thing's been on the drawing board for at LEAST four years; one would EXPECT they'd have done a lot more with the concept.

Seriously, Nintendo. I don't expect FLASH from an AC game, but I DO expect NEW. Especially considering that AC was what amounted to Nintendo's big offering for the core gamers, this E3 (niether Mario nor Zelda were in attendance), this showing has completely failed to R0XX0R5 my S0XX0R5.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna get it, but, dang, Nintendo. DANG. It may be time for another outfit (without prior branding -- I'm looking at you, MySims) to throw their hat in the goal-less town simulator ring.

photo: Rachel Miller

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Put on a shiny, sweaty trenchcoat; Daniel Hong bids us enter the Matrix with this snappy icon!

Crash-dieting works for Hsu and Chan, courtesy of Mike C.!

Sarah Miller brings us our favorite radioactive chipmunk as viewed in exotic Japan, where his image is used to market fish products to schoolchildren!

Max Huffman brings us a moody representation of the Tanakas' arch-nemesis, Satoshi Yamamoto!

Chris Matten presents a design of straightforward intensity! The overtly childlike charm of this icon submitted by the reader who identified herself as 7-year-old "Gail" is, shall we say, suspicious. But entries are a bit thin, yet, so... This spectacular -- and downright hard-boiled -- VM icon was submitted by Roberto Caballero. The reader known only as Osakaism presents us with the VERY iconic Gila Mobster!