Monday, March 3, 2008

Again -- I realize this is a trend -- I apologize for the sparsity of updates. School takes an awfully large chunk of one's time, it turns out. I'm tryin'! Expect a decent week or two, here, anyway. Also, new daily updates at Webcomnik.com!


Note the new layout! Exciting, huh, how I took that stuff from the sidebar and put it down at the bottom? I'm a freaking genius.

Be sure to check out my new endeavor, www.webcomnik.com -- it's kind of an amalgamated webcomic fansite, and, yes, I'm one of the writers. Plenty of new stuff daily! Also note that Hsu and Chan #8 is complete -- stay tuned for further details.


photo: Rachel Miller

copyright 2008 Spookingtons

Put on a shiny, sweaty trenchcoat; Daniel Hong bids us enter the Matrix with this snappy icon!

Crash-dieting works for Hsu and Chan, courtesy of Mike C.!

Max Huffman brings us a moody representation of the Tanakas' arch-nemesis, Satoshi Yamamoto!

Chris Matten presents a design of straightforward intensity! The overtly childlike charm of this icon submitted by the reader who identified herself as 7-year-old "Gail" is, shall we say, suspicious. But entries are a bit thin, yet, so... This spectacular -- and downright hard-boiled -- VM icon was submitted by Roberto Caballero. The reader known only as Osakaism presents us with the VERY iconic Gila Mobster!