You’d imagine, with several thousand years to work on his strategy, your average mummy would be able to come up with a better mode of attack than “the shuffle.” Granted that the complexities of modern ballistics weaponry might well escape a citizen of ancient Egypt, but they DID have spears, didn’t they?


Arnie T. Ground Squirrel successfully riles up another ancient evil in “The Mummy’s Tooth,” which at 30 pages remains Spookingtons’ longest single-issue story ever, and is finally available in this convenient, hi-res, DRM-free download version! You’ll want a sandwich for this one.


But that’s not all! Included at no extra charge is a never-before-seen, totally exclusive one-page bonus comic, featuring Amos Van Problem, curator of the Cursed Artifacts Depository!


Experience ancient, dehydrated evil in “The Mummy’s Tooth!”


30 cursed pages by Norm Scott!     $2.50

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