QUESTION: Just what the sam-scratch is going on here?

ANSWER: Welcome to the Spookintons E-Comic shop! Here, you can purchase digital versions of all your favorite Spookingtons comics, download them, and keep them forever, to be read at your liesure!

QUESTION: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- you're SELLING your comics, now? You suck!

ANSWER: I know, I know.

QUESTION: So, what you're saying is that now that you're selling your comics, the only way to see new ones is to PAY you for the OPPORTUNITY?

ANSWER: Well... no. And don't think I didn't catch the sarcasm when you said "opportunity," I heard that! The truth of the matter is that most, if not all, of the comics you see in the store have appeared or will appear, totally free, on the main portion of the website, and in the archive.

QUESTION: So, you're SELLING the same stuff that you're giving away for FREE? What are you, a  moron?

ANSWER: Look, what do you WANT from me?


ANSWER: All right, all right. Well, first, the versions we're selling here are considerably higher-resolution than the versions appearing on the website. Second, unlike the front-page versions which have been unceremoniously chopped into strips by some unfeeling monster, these are the original, full-page versions, retaining all of the comic timing and narrative flow that their genius author intended.


ANSWER: But wait, there's more!


ANSWER: Comics can and often will appear in the download store anywhere up to FIVE WEEKS earlier than they'll appear on the main page of the website! That's five weeks you WONT have to spend in grueling, nail-biting suspense, especially if somebody... heh... forgets to update the website on-schedule.

QUESTION: I'm sold, again! But you better keep the site updated, you jerk.

ANSWER: That wasn't a question!

QUESTION: Are there any extras to further seduce me into purchasing these fantastic comics?

ANSWER: As a matter of fact, every comic in the store has SEVERAL EXCITING PARAGRAPHS of author's notes attached, as well as an EXCLUSIVE, INCREDIBLY SERIOUS FBI ANTI-PIRACY WARNING in comic format! Any other  included extras will be denoted in the E-Comic Shop product description, so keep your eyes open!

QUESTION: All right, I'm -- er... heeeeeyyyy -- you're trying to sneak through this without telling us what they cost!


QUESTION: Well, how much are they?

ANSWER: Comics cost anywhere from 50 cents to $2.50, U.S., depending on length. Here's the breakdown:

Up to 4 pages $0.50
5 to 10 pages $0.99
11-15 pages $1.50
16-20 pages $1.99
21-30 pages $2.50

QUESTION: Now, when you say 'pages,' you mean...

ANSWER: ACTUAL full pages, NOT the individual strips that appear on the front page.

QUESTION: All right, just making sure you weren't pulling a fast one.

ANSWER: I DO look suspicious.

QUESTION: Well, I guess that pricing's reasonable enough.

ANSWER: Glad to hear it!

QUESTION: It'd be better if it was FREE, of course.

ANSWER: Shush.

QUESTION: So, what kind of payment do you accept?

ANSWER: All payment is through Paypal -- they also accept most major credit cards, so there's no need to actually have a Paypal account.

QUESTION: Okay, I'm sold! So, what format are these comics in?

ANSWER: Hey -- that sounds like a technical question. Save that for the technical section.

QUESTION: Oh. All right.




QUESTION: I'm just waiting on you.

ANSWER: Oh, fine.


QUESTION: Okay, the comics. What format are they in?

ANSWER: They're in high-quality JPEG format, lovingly hand-embedded in a handy HTML reader, viewable on any web browser. Or, if you're REALLY tech-savvy, you could -- if you DARED -- open the JPEGs directly. Oh, and they're zipped -- you'll need a .zip extraction tool. Windows XP and Vista have 'em built in.

QUESTION: How big are the zip files?

ANSWER: They average out to about 700k per comic page -- I'll leave the figuring to you.

QUESTION: I hate figuring.

ANSWER: Me, too. That's why you're doing it.

QUESTION: Well, I guess that's all the tech questions I've got.

ANSWER: What, already? That was, like, two questions.

QUESTION: How technical can you get? It's a comic. What am I gonna do, call up India and tell them my comic crashed?

ANSWER: Just seems short, is all.

QUESTION: If I think of something else, I'll let you know.

ANSWER: All right.