Comic Updated  July 14, 2008


Monday, July 14, 2008

All right, so the show's not what it used to be -- I'm STILL excited about E3. I miss the media circus, the carnival atmosphere, publishers cramming entire transplanted European castles into their booths on the show floor, but that was all window dressing. The REAL E3, for me, happens before E3 officially begins -- the publisher press conferences. Everything that happens afterwards is just gliding on their jetstream.

In particular, I'm looking forward to the first details on Animal Crossing Wii. Yes, I KNOW there are games with shooty blood people coming out, I haven't turned my back on them. You gotta understand, though, Animal Crossing for Gamecube was the game that broke me offa G.T.A.: San Andreas. That took some doing.

What am I hoping for, this sequel? Lots, honestly -- I hope you can do more than six things in your town proper, this go around.  I hope those more than six things are more interesting, individually, than being able to water flowers or fire a slingshot that can only shoot things that are directly above you. I DEFINITELY hope they brought back the real holidays, or I'll be sorely put out.

I'd like for the NES games to be put back in, though that's a longshot, financially, given Nintendo's new grasping, squeezing retro game policies. A guy on IGN had a good idea regarding that -- skip the NES stuff, make old Game Boy games unlockable, instead. It's not like they're making any cash off of 'em, otherwise. And if Nintendo ever gave a poop about targeting its Western audience, it mighta listened.

Wifi, I think needless to say, is going to be a big part of this iteration. And bully for it -- that was definitely the big saving grace for AC: Wild World, after they cut all of the cool stuff out. Still, it needed serious improvement. Friend codes suck, of course, but they're a one-time hassle, and it's not like you can talk sense to Nintendo on 'em, anyway. Still, there needs to be a way to MEET new people in AC, online -- monitored lobby towns, for instance, or even an adults channel (if they could come up with a term less-oozing with suggestiveness than 'adults,' of course. The people looking for a nice, clean game will be put off, the people looking for hot 'n' spicy Animal Crossing roleplay will be sorely disappointed).

Other big thing about wifi they need to fix -- the actions aren't one-to-one when you have a guest over, which really screws up one's ability to set up custom gaming experiences. That is, if I whack you with a net in my town, you may or may not see it happening in yours. That's a MAJOR blow to those people hoping for a decent deathmatch.

Anyways, the conferences start around noon, Eastern time, and there'll be news a-plenty a-flowing then! (there BETTER be, after the disappointing display at LAST year's E3). Enjoy the comic!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Look, a SECOND update in the same week! Oh, new winds are blowing, children.

photo: Rachel Miller

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Put on a shiny, sweaty trenchcoat; Daniel Hong bids us enter the Matrix with this snappy icon!

Crash-dieting works for Hsu and Chan, courtesy of Mike C.!

Sarah Miller brings us our favorite radioactive chipmunk as viewed in exotic Japan, where his image is used to market fish products to schoolchildren!

Max Huffman brings us a moody representation of the Tanakas' arch-nemesis, Satoshi Yamamoto!

Chris Matten presents a design of straightforward intensity! The overtly childlike charm of this icon submitted by the reader who identified herself as 7-year-old "Gail" is, shall we say, suspicious. But entries are a bit thin, yet, so... This spectacular -- and downright hard-boiled -- VM icon was submitted by Roberto Caballero. The reader known only as Osakaism presents us with the VERY iconic Gila Mobster!